I am a simple Dallas gal. I married a simple Dallas guy. We adopted our perfect pup in Dallas. We are just a simple little family. The husband and I were just talking not too long ago about how much we like regular. We like to be regulars at our dog park. We like to be regulars at our taco joint. We like our apartment complex leasing agent to recognize our number when we call the office. We like routine. We have about three regular couple friends. We like to hang out with them pretty regularly. We like our local pet store we buy obscure dog food from. And yes, they know our name. I think you get the picture.

The Regulars

We moved to Austin about 9 months ago, and it is finally starting to feel regular. This is our new pattern. This is our new happy place. Or is it? There are things about our regular lifestyle we want to change. We do not regularly work out. We do not regularly eat healthy (insert regular taco joint here). We have no idea how to be dog owners. We do not regularly ride our bikes. We do not regularly clean our apartment. The list is long! And there are things we want to, but complacency in our regular lives holds us back. I want to have a successful Etsy shop. He wants to work on off road vehicles. We want to vacation more. We want to buy a house.

I have no idea where to start, and a lot of times I think I can’t. I am going to keep trying though.

Here’s to being regular people in the weirdest city in Texas.


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