I have a thing to confess. I love BuzzFeed. I read all their posts, take all their quizzes, and use them as my main news source. I know what you are thinking. What a basic. But the stuff is simple to read, short posts, and to the point. Plus, who doesn’t want to know which Princess you are?! (I told you in my first post I am pretty basic…)

I read an article that I can not find again for the life of me, (you know how FaceBook never lets you see the same thing twice) on this girl who decided to drink the recommended amount of water, 91 ounces, for a week. 7 days! The thing that stood out to me was that she never changed her diet, she never started working out, and she never stopped drinking alcohol. She just simply added 91 ounces of water to her daily routine. She did a before and after picture, and her face looked less puffy, no bags under her eyes, and her skin looked more clear!

I have another thing to confess. I hate water. It’s tasteless. So add some flavor stuff to it they say. Gross. And doesn’t that defeat the purpose of water? Try it with a bunch of ice in it they say. Burr. That makes me really cold just thinking about it. Your body is made up of mostly water they say. So? My heart is made up of mostly coffee.

So I am sure you can put 2 and 2 together to see that I am going to try this whole 91oz of water a day thing. So far I am on day 3. I have a CamelBak Eddy water bottle that I love because the bite valve makes it easy to drink water. It holds 750ml of water, so thats around 25oz. That is roughly 3.5 bottles of water. I decided to round up and go for 4 bottles of water a day! I have to say, the results are instant. And by results, I mean bathroom breaks. Day One, I went potty 12 times. 12. I am running out of hand soap and toilet paper at very increased rates! But I also feel better. Like I feel more full and am snacking less throughout the day. And I am finding myself not needing coffee really, give or take a caffeine headache from the withdrawals. I didn’t give up coffee, just like to drink it when I need it. I have started my first water bottle off at 9:00am CST every day, and that is better than coffee! (What did I just say?)

Water Bottle Of Choice

Water Bottle In It's Natural Environment

I was going to do this for a week and see how it goes. Of course I have pics. But they (who ever they are) say it takes 21 days to make a habit. So maybe water could be my new habit? It’s not hurting and its worth a try for sure!

Do it with me, to actually keep me accountable and not get lazy!


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