Today, husband and I have been married for 1 year!

Husband and Me saying "I Do"

It is still so exciting to me to think about that day just a year ago! There was ice all over Dallas, and a lot of people could not make it to the ceremony. The wedding was at a brewery, and of course we had a food truck cater. It was too cold for the truck to be outside, so we squeezed the food truck IN the brewery! We were surrounded by so many friends and family. We danced, drank, and ate the night away. I think those are all pretty typical of a wedding.

Silly Husband and Bridesmaids

Silly Brittany and Groomsmen

We had reservations to stay at the Gaylord Texas, a super fancy-smancy hotel in Grapevine, TX, for our wedding night, as our Maui honeymoon was about 2 months later. It was so icy that when husband got out of the FJ to valet, he slipped and fell! IN HIS TUX!! I was crying I was laughing so hard! (Don’t worry, he was just fine!) We ordered room service and watched Blades of Glory. Because… Why not?!

Chocolate Cheesecake Rings

I am a HUGE sucker for traditions. I am keeping my wedding dress that I want to get framed… eventually. (We have already covered how lazy I am.) We have our sand thing from our sand ceremony displayed in our living room. We got our guest book poster custom framed hanging in our bedroom. But THIS first year anniversary was the tradition I was waiting a whole year for! Of course there are the traditional anniversary gifts. First year classically is paper, and modern is clock. So I did a ton of research to get husband the perfect present. Of course I couldn’t decide Clock or Paper, so we did both. And of course we couldn’t wait to give each other our gifts, so we did that early… He gave me a beautiful Fossil watch I wanted, and I got a little creative and gave him a custom engraved watch box. We are saving our paper presents for later today.

Sand Ceremony Thing

Let's Go Get Marriaged!

The most precious tradition that I have been dreaming of for a year though is… THE TOP TIER OF THE WEDDING CAKE! Come on! That cake was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted! We saved the top part and kept it in the in-laws deep freezer back in Dallas. Well, oh for history to repeat itself. But it is totally iced over in Dallas. By Friday, I was unsure that the cake was going to make it to us. I panicked and called a local bakery to BEG them to replicate the cake. They were SO willing to get on the project and excited to help a freaked out 1 year old bridezilla with her anniversary wish. Late Friday night, there is a knock at the door. What is it you may ask? Our wedding cake from the in-laws deep freezer! So… Now I have 2 CAKES!!!

Cakes on Cakes on Cakes


I told husband that we have always been unconventional, and there was only one way to solve this problem – Have an Anniversary Party! So tonight, we are celebrating with our newest friends here in Austin. None of which we even knew a year ago! There will be 9 people and 3 dogs, squeezed into a 900 square foot apartment with 2 cakes and LOTS of pizza and champagne. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The thing is, there is no perfect way to be married, or be newlywed, or celebrate. What makes it perfect is doing it in your own style.

So tonight, husband and I will celebrate one year of love surrounded by amazing friends and pups! We aren’t being conventional and taking an anniversary cruise, or a fancy dinner, but we are choosing to be ourselves!



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