Between you and me, I would much rather eat cake than drink a juice or something nasty like that… When I come up with a way to hide a bunch of kale underneath strawberry cake with almond liquor icing, I will let you know first!

In other news, my anniversary was AMAZING. Completely incredible to celebrate such a special day with the love of my life and our best friends and our puppies!

Puppy Play Time!

We ordered pizza to the apartment – 3 18″ pizzas with cheesy bread and garlic knots! YUM! We broke open lots of beer and around 3 bottles of Almond Champagne – our party beverage of choice.

But MOST importantly was THE cake. There was some concern over if we were going to get our original cake to ATX in all the ice and snow Texas is getting right now. But no fear! It was delivered successfully! And as sure as the sun is in the sky, I am sitting here eating more of it as I write! (With a mean juice staring me down from the fridge…)

Top Tier One Year Later

Most of the way through the evening, husband and I cut into our cake, and smashed some of the cake in each other faces, as we did exactly one year ago. See?

Cake Cutting

Moar Cake Cutting

Cake Smashing

I must say I am overwhelmed with blessings and love. Our first year flew by so fast, and I am so excited to continue on this incredible journey with husband and princess.


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