Water 2.

Well, I know I said I would try the whole 91 ounces of water for a week, I have done it for almost 2 weeks.


My skin feels better. I am sleeping better. I am snacking less. I feel less bloated.

Here’s how its working –

– I drink 24 ounces of water before 10am. This is important for helping me wake up and stay awake.

– I drink another 24 ounces of water before 1pm, to put me half way through my day and my daily goal.

– In the afternoon, I drink another 24 ounces of water, usually with no time limit.

– The most important part is that I need to be sure I drink my last 24 ounces of water before 8pm. That way I am not peeing all night.

I am running out of hand soap much more rapidly, as I am taking many restroom breaks on the daily. Also toilet paper… Like, I don’t like to use just 3 squares, because I feel like it is not enough hand protection. So I stick to an average 5-6 squares. But that certainly is depleting my toilet paper resources exponentially faster than before.

I am still keeping this up because the benefits FAR outweigh the minor things like toilet paper and hand soap. I mean… Come on…

Short little update, but there is lot going on right now, and much to blog about soon! Thank you for reading. Thank you for following.


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