In 50 days I am going to be homeless because Austin sucks.


Ok, ok. That might be a bit dramatic. But seriously. We have decided that since I started working from home our little 1 bed / 1 bath, with a study that a friend is staying in, is TOO small. So at 60 days left in the lease we gave our notice.

We got a cute little flyer in the mail one time about a home builder who was offering a lot of sweet deals. I did A TON of mind numbing research. LGI Homes – their deal is that they build in “rural” areas around major cities so they can advertise with a USDA loan. I looked at all the details. Here is the run down: Is an amazing new house, built as is. Meaning there is no design center to go get screwed in. It comes with built in upgrades, none of them really cosmetic, just about building and energy effective materials.

Well, husband and I went to their location in south east Austin to take a tour. The area was so pretty. The houses were really well built, and the model was exactly what you were going to be getting. We crunched numbers with our little house consultant guy, and it looked like all was well! We spent 3 hours one day with a loan officer. Then we waited. They told us it would take around 10 business days to find out, but we were so well prepared it would certainly be faster. Well, two weeks later, standing in a cold and muddy dog park, we get a call saying they crunched numbers wrong. Boo. It was kind of heart breaking. We had picked out a house! UGH.

Sad House Hunters

Its really heart breaking to feel so close to being homeowners. I mean, isn’t that the American Dream? To own your own house and grill burgers in your backyard while you are wearing a cute little baseball hat and your wife is planting a garden after she just baked a pie? But then again… like, we would have to grow up. Are we ready to grow up?

Funny Face

Funny Face 2

Funny Face 3

Landy Crazy

Brittany Crazy

NO. Probably not. Lets be real.

Here is our outlook, and I hope it can help other newlyweds with making decisions. It is confusing. They want you to know that you are wasting money paying rent, which is basically paying someone else’s bills. If you are paying a mortgage, you are paying yourself. Sure. What they don’t tell you is that all those low down payment options for first time home buyers and blah blah blah… they are BAD! They lock you into mortgage insurance and there’s something about escrow, what ever that is, and then there is this scary word – equity. All that stuff is heavy and hard.

So. We are going to TRY to rent a house for a couple years. We want to go into buying a house with 20% down. That is the best and only way in our book now. I say TRY because I think finding a house to rent in Austin is a joke and/or going to kill me. We started looking, because logically, I want our next home lined up. I can not stand being in limbo. I am not that flexible. Right now, that stick is up in the air and I would only have to bend back and little to get under it. But THERE’S NOTHING THERE!!!!!!! All the houses we can find on the internet are available NOW. AKA – Not available in 50 days, and if they are, that might be sketchy.

I have realtor help. But that doesn’t stop me from going on Zillow and looking. And looking. And looking. And having dreams and nightmares about touring houses. I want it to be as easy as it was to find our apartment complex. It was perfect! So fun and easy.

We Are Moving to ATX!

See! Bluebonnets right in front of our apartments too! HOW CAN THAT GET MORE PERFECT?

So I am holding my little idealist breath for the perfect rental home to come along. Of course there will be updates. But I kinda want to cry and give up. And then to think that when we are ready to buy a house, I hope it’s not this hard.


One thought on “House.

  1. Buying a house is hard & scary – and I can tell you from experience; it doesn’t always mean you are getting your money worth! Take your time, enjoy not having to mow lawns & find plumbers while you can!!!


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