Hello world. Long time no talk!

I know I left you on a cliff hanger, so for that I apologize. But let me catch you up on what I have been up to!

#1. We are obviously not homeless. We found a super house to rent, right next husband’s office, so he can walk to work and come home on his lunch breaks. He likes that a lot. So does Leia! Did I mention our new house is only 4 doors down from some of our best friends? I know. Cool right?

New House

#2. I got a new job! I am no longer working from home! I started working for a small company, but they are way far down south Austin, so I have been listening to podcasts. Favorites so far include This American Life, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, How To Do Everything, Ask Me Another, and Internet Explorer. These are my new obsessions as I spend a little over 10 hours a week in traffic.


#3. I am totally a yogi now. I have been doing yoga for three months now and feeling better than ever. I stuck to the water thing for the most part too. I am down 15 pounds! I am lucky I go to yoga with my best friends so I have some accountability.

Post Yoga Jamba

#4. I have thrown lots of parties at this new house. I knew I loved being a hostess before, but now that i can reasonable fit 20 people in one house / backyard, everything has changed. We have had Memorial Day, 4th of July, and random dinner parties and game nights at the house, all with huge success. So stay tuned for more Fall themed parties coming soon.

forth party

#5. I have an empty spare bedroom now, since I don’t need a home office anymore. So I would love to hear everyone thoughts on what to make of it. I would like to have it be a guest room, but how can I make it cute and useful too? It is only like, 10 feet by /maybe/ 9 feet. It is tiny. Very tiny. Let me hear your thoughts.

#6. Husband and I have both been having a fruit smoothie with protein powder in it every morning. It really is great fuel to last through lunch. I do his with blackberries, pineapple, and banana. Mine has strawberries and banana. I am a simple girl. I told you all. Both are mixed with chocolate whey protein powder, a cup of coconut milk to be non-dairy, local honey to help with allergies, and a little drop of vanilla for a sweet taste!


#7. I made a surprise trip to NC to see the family and visit with my mom and baby sisters in-bwtween jobs. It was such a great trip and good time spent with the girls. They are a handful now. Both are walking, talking, getting into the trash can, standing on the coffee tables. You know. The standard toddler stuff.

Toddler Stuff

#8. This one is a surprise in next weeks PROMISED post for you. This is a real cliff hanger because it is a real life changer too! I know you all will be excited for us to share the news!

So stay tuned for more in-depth post about the things I thought I couldn’t do, but so far haven’t been failing too hard at.


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