When we got our little Princess Leia, she wasn’t really so little. She was 5 months old, and only 5 pounds from being fully grown.

Leia's First Day

We have always been a little sad we didn’t get to do the whole “puppy thing”, although I have always thought I think I can’t. Leia came to us potty trained, and very obedient as it were. We didn’t have to do much with her, except get to know her schedule and let her get to know us. That was easy. Puppies are not. We know how hard puppies are. Everyone keeps reminding us how demanding they are, like we didn’t know that and will suddenly change our minds. Or they will subtly remind us of how much sleep we are going to miss out on, and so on and so forth. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what other people think, which I know I put too much effort into caring a lot of times. So, late last year, around December, Husband and I decided we wanted a second puppy. Leia was getting older, and we were getting more boring. We wanted her to have a brother or sister to hang out with and play with. So often, I see families with two dogs, and they are inseparable. This is what we wanted for Leia, but also for us!

We sought out different Shiba breeders this time given the horrible experience we had with Leia’s breeder. Finally, putting down a deposit with a Shiba Inu breeder very close to us in early March. The litter was expected for September, and ready to pick up by November. We were going to get a black and tan Shiba this time, and a boy of course! Leia needs a brother to boss around.

In Late July, when the dam was supposed to be in heat, I inquired about how she was doing and how on time the breeder thought the process was – which turned out to be a mistake. Breeders are like crazy cat ladies, only worse. My common customer inquiry I am sure, really upset her, so much so that she just mailed us our deposit back with no explanation. We were a little in shock. Having waited over 5 months to hear news regarding the process, and just wanting to be involved in our new little pups life from the beginning, I was certainly upset. It didn’t just affect Husband and I either. Friends of ours who were also getting a puppy from this breeder were sent back their deposit because they were associated with us. The fallout was quite a bit more intense than I had anticipated.

The vacuum left was heartbreaking. We were very much looking forward to getting another dog, and now the search had to start all over. Even people with other Shibas didn’t have nice things to say about the breeders they got their dogs from. There is a decent kennel in Oklahoma, but they are not bred for their temperament at that facility, and we wanted a Shiba that would match Leia’s calm demeanor. I was done with breeders. I tried to convince myself we were just meant to be a one dog family. But then, of course, Husband and I start poking around on the internet.

To flashback, Husband and I had much difficulty finding the perfect dog for us the first time. We lived in an apartment with lots of breed restrictions, so we had very little luck at animal shelters, and the ones we did like, ended up having medical problems we weren’t able to manage. Well, fast forward to last week, where Husband and I are trolling animal shelters again, in hopes of finding a tiny puppy to rescue. Sure enough.

Little Bear, born into Austin Pets Alive! was available, and didn’t have anyone interested in him yet. We went to see him that day. And knew when we saw him how much we already loved him.

Luke 1

Luke 2

How can you not love that tiny face?! He was just waiting to find a forever home to love him. Weighing in at just under 5 pounds, no one really has any idea what he is, but the best guess is a Boston Terrier mix. He turned 8 weeks old today, when we got to pick him up!

We are so proud to be rescue parents and have the love of a purebred dog as well. Of course, even though Bear was a perfect name, since it was a B, and we already have an L, Princess Leia can only work if her brother’s name is Luke!

We worked hard over the weekend to get his little part of our home set up. Leia certainly knows something is different. She keeps going in his crate and laying down. She also kept eye-balling me as I was unpacking a lot of his puppy chews that she recognized from when she was a puppy, and was a little disappointed when I didn’t give them to her. She has been watching the door more lately too.

Waiting For Luke!

The introduction couldn’t have gone better! Leia is a natural lover, so she was so sweet to him and loving! They got their sniffs out, although not much playing could be done since he just had his little surgery today. But he couldn’t be more sweet! He just wants to cuddle and nap in your lap. We can’t put him down presently!

Bringing Luke Home






So welcome to our family little Luke! We are happy to have you! We will love you and take care of you! Leia will show you the ropes and play with you for the rest of your sweet little lives. We are so thankful you came into our lives and changed us! Husband, myself, Luke, and Leia! Such a perfect little ring to it!




And even though I don’t think I can wake up every 4 hours to let you go to the bathroom, and I don’t think I am sure how to even start training a puppy, and you are so tiny and I don’t even know if the collar we got for you will fit, I will love you so much!


3 thoughts on “Growing.

  1. Congratulations on your pup! He’s adorable. I’d say he looks pretty much like a pit, which are the best dogs on the planet in my opinion πŸ™‚ I volunteer at an animal shelter so whenever someone chooses to adopt over going through a breeder it makes me happy!


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