Identity Crisis.

I feel so bad.

Every time Luke looks at himself, he struggles to know who he really is. What is his heritage? Where did he come from? What will he become?


So in a good effort to support our sweet adopted boy, we have ordered a DNA test for him. It is really amazing everything the test can tell you. All kidding aside, the test cross references over 140 diseases he could be vulnerable or prone to, as well as what his estimated weight could be.  But I know what you all care about – WHAT THE HECK IS HE?!

We were wondering that too of course. We obviously know he is a mutt, and he will be mostly one breed, but have a few more mixed in there. So, all in good fun, we are hosting our first I Think I Can’t Contest – Identity Crisis.

Rules to enter –

  1. You must email with your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS with your TOP 2 guesses on what Luke’s breed is.
  2. The first email entry with the correct guess will be sent a Grand Prize Austin, Texas prize pack.
  3. The 100th email entry will be sent a smaller Austin, Texas prize pack.
  4. The second email entry with the correct guess of his second breed will be sent a smaller Austin, Texas Prize pack.
  5. You may only enter ONCE. All second guess entries will not be counted.
  6. You must include your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS to be properly entered to win. All entries missing this information will not be counted.

As always, feel free to follow us on Instagram @_lukelovesleia for updates on the contest, and daily pics of his appearance to help you make the most educated vote!

I am a very fair person, so I will give you as much as we know!

  1. We got him at 7 weeks old, and he was only 7.4 pounds.
  2. He is now 11 weeks old, and weighs 12.2 pounds.
  3. He is 1 foot tall. 20 inches long. His tail is 8.5 inches long.
  4. He has over the month gotten more and more spots. (pics below)
  5. His spots were black, but have now turned brindle in color.
  6. His coat is very white, and the hair on his back is getting longer.
  7. His paws have definitely gotten bigger.
  8. He has light brown eyes.
  9. He is incredibly smart – knows how to sit, shake, and ring bells to go outside and potty.
  10. Although he is only almost 3 months, he can hold his bladder for up to 5 hours if necessary and sleeps through the night very well.

Luke 2 5-week-old Luke.

IMG_5146 7 Weeks Old, first day we had him!

IMG_5173 7 Weeks

IMG_5179 No spots on his back at 7 Weeks.

IMG_5182 Husband holds 7-week-old Luke.

IMG_5204 Sleepy 8-week-old Luke.

IMG_5240 8 Weeks Old.

IMG_5279 8-week-old Face.

IMG_5282 8-week-old sleepy Luke!

IMG_5291 8-week-old Luke compared to Leia.

IMG_5360 IMG_5362  9-week-old Luke! IMG_5585 9-week-old Luke next to sister Leia!

IMG_5657 10-week-old Luke compared to a laundry basket.

IMG_5677 Husband holds 10-week-old Luke.

IMG_5688 Sleepy still at 11 Weeks.

IMG_5708 11-week-old Luke with Leia.

IMG_5717 11-week-old Luke Smiles!

We will receive the results of the DNA test in 2 weeks time, so this contest is open until October 4th, when I will close the contest and announce the results the next day!

I know I am incredibly excited, and hope you guys are too!


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