So life has been pretty crazy for a while! But no worries. I am still here and so is Husband and my 2 puppy babies.

Life has had quite a few changes for us recently. We sold the 4Runner and instead got a 2003 Land Cruiser for us to fix up and play with.


We bought a new couch and my living room redecoration is pretty much complete now. Thankfully, because that was stressing me out. I started by getting rid of the black furniture around the living room. We built our own side table too! I added a double layer of curtains to the room to give the illusion the ceilings don’t go on forever. I got a lighter rug as well, which really gives the floor much more contrast from our darker hard wood floors. The finishing touch was a little gallery wall and our brand new couch!

I also did a lot of closet cleaning out – with lots of help from Luke and my foxy cousin.


A new resolution I have taken up is making one meal per week that I have never made before. This has really forced us to try new things and get out of our comfort zone of making the same thing every time just because it is easy. Highlights so far have been Homemade Chicken Pot Pie and Homemade Lasagna!


Traveling for work took me to Cancun this January. I know… tough life. But I worked hard and played hard. This past week I have had a lot of fruitful actions come from my networking and connections made at the convention – the validation of seeing such hard work come to fruition is extremely satisfying and rewarding. I love my new job so much and am so blessed by the people I work with. They are each so different and funny and quirky and challenging all at the same time. My new position has stretched me in ways I didn’t know I could be pulled; I have learned so many new things and gotten to use many talents that were previously just dormant. We are starting a new phase in the company and I am sooooooooo excited to get to be a part of it – to say the least!


Husband and I recently took up woodworking and we LOVE it! We built our own side table (previously mentioned) and for Christmas, we built our families corn hole boards! Husband did a lot of the “drill and saw” stuff, and I sanded and painted – loving every moment of it.


Luke and Leia are now inseparable. I never imagined they would end up being as close as they are. Luke hit 40 pounds and is finally slowing down in growth. Leia loves to boss him around and then cuddle with him for a nice nap! Getting Leia a brother was the best decision we could have made for her. I believe he has made her a better dog.


Life is good, and its only getting better from here! Stay tuned for all the crazy new things we will be up to!


3 thoughts on “Back.

    1. Thanks! It only took us forever to get it all put together. I am gonna do a deep dive into all I changed, and am still changing. We are going to build an entertainment center, and a soft table to match our end table and mount the TV on the wall. I also think since we are going to stay at this house, I am gonna paint a few accent walls. 🙂


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