Five Day Discipline: Week 1

Handwritten Letters

I decided to begin doing Five Day Discipline after seeing many of my friends completing successful and sometimes unsuccessful but still fulfilling weeks filled with new adventures and activities they do not typically do. My New Years Resolution was to be more habitual, but I do not think I have been disciplined enough in creating new and better habits for myself. It started becoming more and more real that my half marathon training was coming up soon, and I was just running when I felt like it… Eating healthy when I felt like it… Whatever… It’s summer. Everyone takes time off their “things” in the summer to go on vacations, long weekends, parties, etc.


In an effort to get myself in a dedicated groove, I thought this would be a good place to start. So here I am. Finished with Week 1! My first week, I didn’t want to be too ambitious. Knowing I was about to leave for vacation, I decided on writing simple, handwritten letters for the sake of time and ease.  I already had all the supplies I would need, and this is definitely something I do not do on the regular. Heck, maybe even like… ever.

I didn’t intentionally set out to write specific people, or have a list of people I had decided ahead of time. Each night after dinner instead of watching TV, Husband and I would sit together and write a letter. I would choose someone that was on my heart and mind at that moment, then write a letter from my heart. Some would be short. Others were long. One was a picture because it’s recipient isn’t old enough to read! It was cathartic and freeing.


A challenge I found was being intentional with what I was writing. It is so easy to have a conversation with another person because there is a natural direction and two parties contributing. However, with the letter it was more like talking to myself about myself. At times it felt uncomfortable. The letters ended up being all unique and from my heart which is what I wanted to happen in the end.

My time spent writing, talking with Husband, laughing about something or another, checking the mail and sending mail every day, it was all such a wonderful routine we enjoyed together. It was a rewarding first week, and we both are excited to do more! I have a list of ideas I want to try. Some may stick around for more than five days… We will see!

Until next week,



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