Five Day Discipline: Week 2

Walking On The Beach

This last week for my Five Day Discipline I was on vacation,so it was a challenge to come up with something I don’t typically do, since I am not at the beach every day it was all a little out of the ordinary! So I do know that when I go to the beach, I typically nap on it. So this week, I chose to take a walk on the beach each day.


The walks were always different, and with different people. I found it was a nice way to unwind and be active while on vacation too. Husband and I took a couple walks together, which was a nice time spent together in the midst of so many family and friends too.

The only day I faltered was Friday because it was raining. The rain was a bit of a bummer, but I had done a little walking earlier in the day. Lesson from that is that inclement weather will be something I keep in mind doing outdoor activities in my future Five Day Disciplines.

Vacation is good for the soul. That is mostly what I took away from this week. It is so necessary to step away from your life and obligations to reflect and relax. It is also so good to be surrounded by so many friends and family. This past week was truly one of the best vacations I have ever had.

But it’s time to get back into the swing of things and jump start my running training! Stay tuned for what’s next…

Until next week my friends,




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